BLI-222 INFORMATION SOURCES AND SERVICES in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

BLI-222 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Coverage: Course Code: BLI-222
Course: Information Sources and Services

Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.18-Jan.19

Blocks: 1 to 4
Units: 1 to 14 Total Marks: 70

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Note: Answer all questions.
1) Answer the following questions in not more than 500 words each.(4X10=40 Marks)
1. What are biographical sources of information? Explain the process involved in
evaluating such sources. (10)
2. Who are peripheral information professionals? Explain their role as disseminators of
information. (10)
3. Differentiate between responsive and anticipatory information services. Briefly
discuss the different types of responsive service. (10)
4. Explain the need for user studies in a library. Describe the steps involved in
conducting such studies. (10)
2) Answer the questions in not more than 250 words each. (6X5=30 Marks)
1. Discuss the categorisation of sources by Subramanyam. (5)
2. Explain the importance of reports as primary sources of information. (5)
3. Enumerate the different types of information generators with their functions. (5)
4. Who are aggregators? Describe the services offered by them. (5)
5. Discuss how IT helps in providing user education. (5)
6. Explain the need for conducting information use study. (5)

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