BGYCT-137 STRATIGRAPHY AND PALAEONTOLOGY in English Solved Assignment 2022-2023


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Course Code: BGYCT-137
Assignment Code: BGYCT-137/TMA/2023
Maximum Marks:100

Title Name

BGYCT-137 Solved Assignment 2022-2023

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BSCG
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2022-2023 Course: B.SC(G) CBCS
Session Valid from 1st January, 2023 to 31st December 2023
Short Name BGYCT-137
Assignment Code BGYCT-137/TMA/2023
Product Assignment of BSCG 2022-2023 (IGNOU)
Submission Date This assignment is valid from 1st January 2023 to 31st December 2023



Part A
1. Write short notes on the following:
a) Order of superposition
b) Stratigraphic contacts and unconformities
2. Discuss in detail litho-, bio- and chrono-stratigraphic classifications. 10)
3. Give a detailed account of stratigraphy of Palaeogene–Neogene sequences of
Northwest Himalaya.
4. Describe stratigraphic classification, lithology and economic importance of
Dharwar and Delhi supergroups.
5. Describe stratigraphy and economic importance of Gondwana Supergroup.

Part B
6. What are fossils? Discuss in detail, the processes of fossilisation. (10)
7. Write short notes on the following:
a) Gondwana flora
b) Mineral-walled microfossils
8. Discuss the evolutionary history of horse. Add a note on the role of climate in
the evolution of horse.
9. Discuss the morphology and geological history of brachiopods. Add a note on
the living fossil – Lingula.
10. Write short notes on the following:
a) Morphology of gastropods
b) Geological history of trilobites



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