BEGC-132 Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity in English Solved Assignment 2021-2022

BEGC-132 Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity

Solved Assignment 2020-2021


BEGC 132
Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity
Programme: BA Gen (BAG)
Course Code: BEGC 132
Max: 100 marks
Min Pass marks: 35

Title Name

BEGC-132 English Solved Assignment 2020-2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BAG(English)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2020-2021 Course: BA(English)
Session 2020-21
Short Name BEGC-132 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code BAG/2020-21
Product Assignment of BAG(English) 2020-2021 (IGNOU)
Submission Date The completed assignment should be sent to the Coordinator of the Study
Centre allotted to you by 30th April 2021 (For July 2020 Session) and 31st October 2021
(For January 2021 Session).



This assignment is split up into three sections: A, B and C.
Attempt ALL the questions.
Explain the following with reference to the context:
1. I know not who I am
Neither among the sinners nor the saints
I am neither happy nor unhappy
I belong neither to water nor to the earth
I am neither fire nor air. 10
2. O good soldier,
Know when you’re beaten.
And now, that question
Which we just referred to in connection with the so-called language battle,
Let’s put it this way:
Were we and those on behalf of whom we fought
The same folk? 10
3. At daybreak, hacked at the trunk
You will be found lying prostrate.
No longer will you respond
To your mother’s call
Nor a likeness of you
Shall be found, when I survey
The whole hillside.
Who shall now relieve my grief?” 10
4. You need no book, Rasha Sundari
no paper or pen either
you have the black, smudgy kitchen wall
for your magical scribbles
lines, ellipses, curves
all of them your secret codes for
a whole new world. 10
Write short notes on the following:
5. The arguments over language. 10
6. The Bhakti movement and Indian literature. 10
7. The impact of cultural negotiations on the literature of the Northeast. 20
8. Show how writing by marginalized sections describes the experiences of an entire
community With reference to the texts you have read.


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