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BEGC-106 Popular Literature Solved Assignment 2021-22

BEGC-106 Popular Literature

Solved Assignment 2021


Popular Literature
Assignment January & July 2021 Sessions
(Based on Blocks 1 – 4)
Max. Marks: 100

Title Name

BEGC-106 English Honours

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BAG & BA English (Hons)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2021 Course: BAG & BA English (Hons)
Session  January, and July, 2021 Sessions
Short Name BEGC-106
Assignment Code BEGC-106/2021
Product Assignment of BAG & BA English (Hons) 2021 (IGNOU)
Submission Date For January 2021 Batch:  Last date of Submission for the December TEE: 31st October, 2021
For July 2021 Batch: Last date of Submission for the June Examination: 30th April, 2022



Section A
Write short notes in about 200 words each: 4 × 5 = 20
(i) Culture
(ii) Popular Culture and America
(iii) Crime Fiction
(iv) Mah Jong
Section B
Answer the following in about 300 words each: 4 X 7.5 = 30
1. Comment on the various genres of Popular Literature.
2. What is a literary canon?
3. Do you think that mass media and technology have a role to play in extending the
understanding of the canon?
4. Discuss the chess motif in Through the Looking Glass.
Section C
Answer the following questions in about 800 words each: 5 X 10 = 50
1. Write an essay discussing important issues in popular literature.
2. Would it be correct to say that Ruskin Bond and Vishal Bhardwaj’s The Blue Umbrella is a
children’s story for adults. Do you agree?
3. Trace the development of children’s literature.
4. Examine the theme of gender and space in Shyam Selvudurai’s Funny Boy.
5. Explain the significance of the framed narrative in the Bhimayana.


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