BEGC-102 European Classical Literature Syllabus | Subjects | Course Structure | Books, Study Materials, Solved Assignment And Exam Syllabus

Course Code = BEGC-102
Title of the Course = European Classical Literature
No of Credits = 6

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Minimum Passing marks in BEGC-102 European Classical Literature

Total Marks Required Marks
100 Marks Assignment 36 Marks
100 Marks Theory Paper 35 Marks


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Block 1: Homer: The Iliad
Unit-1: Approaching the Iliad, the Epic and the Homeric Tradition
Unit-2: The Homeric Hero
Unit-3: War in the Homeric Age: Honour Verus Horror
Unit-4: Towards a Political Ethics: Moral Philosophy or Cultural Norms
Block 2: Sophocles: Oedipus Rex
Unit-1: Greek Theatre: Major Playwrights
Unit-2: Oedipus Rex: Summary; Analysis
Unit-3: Oedipus Rex & Aristotle’s Three Unities
Unit-4: Oedipus Rex: A Classical; A Modern Tragedy
Block 3: Plautus: Pot Of Gold
Unit-1: Roman Comedy
Unit-2: Pot of Gold – I
Unit-3: Pot of Gold – II
Unit-4: Pot of Gold – III: Critical Perspectives
Block 4: Horace And Ovid
Unit-1: Roman Literature: An Introduction
Unit-2: Horace: Life & Works
Unit-3: Horace: Textual Analysis of Satire 1:4
Unit-4: Ovid: Life, Literature, Works and Bacchus (Book III)
Unit-5: Pyramus and Thisbe (Book IV) and Philomela (Book VI)

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