BEGC-101 Indian Classical Literature Syllabus | Subjects | Course Structure | Books, Study Materials, Solved Assignment And Exam Syllabus

Course Code = BEGC-101
Title of the Course = Indian Classical Literature
No of Credits = 6

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Minimum Passing marks in BEGC-101 Indian Classical Literature

Total Marks Required Marks
100 Marks Assignment 36 Marks
100 Marks Theory Paper 35 Marks

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BLOCK 1: Kalidasa: Abhijnana Shakuntala
Unit 1: Indian Aesthetics: An Introduction
Unit 2: Kalidas: An Overview
Unit 3: Abhijnana Shakuntala: Textual Analysis
Unit 4: Abhijnana Shakuntala: Character Analysis & Critical Perspectives
Unit 1: The Mahabharata: An Overview
Unit 2: The Dicing from the ‘Book of the Assembly Hall
Unit 3: The Sequel to the Dicing: A Reading
Unit 4: ‘The Temptation of Karna’ from the Udyog Parva
BLOCK 3: SUDRAKA: Mrichchhakatika
Unit 1: Sudrakha and His play Mrichchhakatika: An Introduction
Unit 2: Mrichchhkatika: Plot Structure; Analysis
Unit 3: Thematic Concerns in Sudraka’s Mrichchhkatika
Unit 4: Mrichchhakatika: Facets of Characterisation
BLOCK 4: Cilappatikaram
Unit 1: Sangam Literature: An Introduction
Unit 2: Cilappatikaram: A Textual Analysis
Unit 3: The Divine, the Human, and the Immortalised Characters in Cilappatikaram
Unit 4: Akam and Puram Poetry in Cilappatikaram


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