BEGA-001 Introduction to the Media

Solved Assignment 2020-2021


Bachelor’s Degree Programme
(July 2020 and January 2021)
Programme: BDP
Assignment Code: BEGA-001/TMA/2020-21
Max.Marks: 100

Title Name

BEGA-001 Introduction to the Media solved Assignment 2020-2021

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BA(Application Oriented Courses)
Language ENGLISH
Semester 2020-2021 Course: BA(Application Oriented Courses)
Session 2020-21
Short Name BEGA-001 (ENGLISH)
Assignment Code BEGA-001/TMA/2020-21
Product Assignment of BA(Application Oriented Courses) 2020-21 (IGNOU)
Submission Date The completed assignment should be sent to the Coordinator of the Study
Centre allotted to you by 31st March 2021 (if enrolled in the July 2020 Session) and
30th Sept, 2021 (if enrolled in the January 2021 session).



This assignment has 8 questions. Attempt all of them and answer each question in approximately
350-400 words.
1 Describe the characteristics of the print medium, radio, television and film as mediums of
mass communication. 10
2 Editing for electronic media is a technical task whereas for print, it has a language
orientation. Discuss with examples. 10
3 What is an editorial and how many types of editorials are there? Discuss with examples.
4 What is the importance of reviews in media and their impact on the audiences? Answer
this question with reference to books, films, music, art and theatre reviews. 10
5 Write a short feature on “Social issues depicted in our mainstream cinema have impacted
our society in a positive manner.” 15
6 Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper to draw the attention of the public to
unregistered medical practitioners exploiting the poor. 15
7 You have been sent as a reporter to Braj on this Holi. Write a report to showcase how the
festival of Holi was celebrated. What did you see there? During the festivities you
witness the celebrations take an ugly turn as a brawl breaks out and some anti-social
elements manhandle some girls. 15
8 Write an imaginary interview with a person who is a cancer survivor. Frame 10 questions
that you would ask and their possible answers, so that a clear picture of his/her fight
against the illness emerges, and shows how a positive attitude helps to win over any


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