BCOC-137 CORPORATE ACCOUNTING in English Solved Assignment 2021-2022


Solved Assignment 2021-2022



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BCOC-137 Solved Assignment 2021-2022

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)
Course BCOMG
Language English
Semester 2021-2022 Course: B.Com(G) CBCS
Session 2021-22
Short Name BCOC-137 (English)
Assignment Code BCOC – 137/TMA/2021-22
Product Assignment of BCOMG 2020-2021 (IGNOU)
Submission Date 1. Those students who are appearing in June 2021 Term End Examination they have to submit latest by in 15th March 2021.
2. Those students who are appearing in December 2021 exams. They should download the new assignment and submit the same latest by 15th October 2021.



Q.1 Pawan Ltd. had authorized capital of Rs. 5 lakh divided into shares of Rs. 10 each.
It purchased a Building from Y for Rs. 2 lakh and issued fully paid shares to Y for
purchase consideration. It invited applications for the balance 30,000 shares of Rs.
10 each payable as follow: Rs 3 per share on application, Rs 3 per share on
allotment, Rs 2 per share on 1st call and Rs 2 per share on final call. Ashok who
had been allotted 500 shares failed to pay both the calls. His shares were forfeited
and re-issued at Rs 9 per share to Hari as fully paid up. Make necessary entries in
Journal and prepare the opening Balance Sheet of Company.
Q.2 X Ltd decides to buy back 10% of Rs. 100 crore paid up equity capital. The face
value of per equity share is Rs. 10, but the market price is Rs 15 per share. X Ltd
took the following steps for the buy back of its shares:
i) To issue 14 % debentures of Rs. 100 each at par for the face value of Rs.
10 crores.
ii) To utilise the General Reserve.
iii) To sell investment of Rs. 7 crores for Rs 8 crores.
iv) To buy back the shares at the market price.
v) To immediately cancel the shares bought back.
Pass necessary journal entries.
Q.3 X Ltd wants to purchase the business of Y Ltd. Profit of Y Ltd for the past four
years were Rs. 35,000 Rs. 60,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 55,000 respectively. You are
informed that Rent at Rs. 4000 p.a. and manager salary @ Rs. 2,000 per month
which have been charged against profit of Y Ltd. will not be paid by X Ltd.
Average capital employed by Y Ltd. was Rs. 6,00,000 and normal rate of return of
the same type of business was 10%. Calculate the value of Goodwill by
capitalization method.
Q.4 Capital of Great India Ltd. comprise 1,000 6% participating preference shares of
Rs. 100 each and 4000 equity shares of Rs. 100 each fully paid. Preference shares
are entitled to participate in profits to the extent of 4% after payment of an equity
dividend of 10%. Balance of profit is available for equity shareholders. The
Company’s normal profit (Less tax) is Rs 75000. Normal Rate of dividend to this
type of Company is 8% on participating preference shares and 10% on equity
shares. Determine the value of each type of shares on the basis of Dividend Yield
Q.5 How will you prepare a Consolidated Balance Sheet in case of partly owned
subsidiary company with the help of a suitable example?
Section – B
Q.6 Explain with imaginary figures, how the following items will appear in a
company’s balance Sheet?

i) Share Capital
ii) Fixed Assets
(2.5, 2.5)
Q.7 How are various activities classified while preparing the Cash Flow Statement? (5)
Q.8 Briefly explain the methods of internal reconstruction. (5)
Q.9 Explain the difference between accounting treatment in the nature of merger and in
the nature of purchase.
(2.5, 2.5)
Q.10 Give journal entries in the books of Transferor Company and the Transferee
Company in case of amalgamation.
(2.5, 2.5)
Q.11 Give the Proforma of Profit and Loss Account of Banking Company without
Section – C
Q.12 Explain the slip system of bank Book-keeping. Explain its advantages and
(3, 7)
Q.13 Write short notes on the following:
a) Non-Performing Assets
b) Commercial Banks


BCOC-137, BCOC 137, BCOC137


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