BCOC-135 COMPANY LAW Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022

Course Code: BCOC-135

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BCOC-135 Solved Question Paper JUNE 2022

University IGNOU
Service Type Solved Question Paper (Soft copy/PDF)
Course Bcom
Language English
Semester 3rd
Year JUNE 2022
Course Code BCOC-135
Product Solved Question Paper  (IGNOU)


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Term-End Examination
June, 2022
Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100
Note : Answer any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) Describe the main characteristics of a company. 10
(b) What are illegal associations ? What are the consequences of forming such associations ? 10
2. Discuss the duties and liabilities of a promoter. 20
3. (a) Explain the meaning and purpose of Articles of Association. 6
(b) Explain the ‘doctrine of indoor management’. Are there any exceptions to it ? Discuss. 14
4. What is buyback of shares ? What are the sources of buyback of shares. Discuss the conditions for the buyback of shares. 3+5+12
5. Discuss the statutory and contractual liabilities of a Company Secretary. 20
6. (a) Explain the requisites of a valid meeting. 12
(b) What is special resolution ? Discuss the purposes of special resolution. 8
7. Describe the different clauses which are included in Memorandum of Association. 20
8. Distinguish between the following : 10+10
(a) Share and Debenture
(b) Share and Stock
9. Write an explanatory note an any two of the following : 10+10
(a) Private Company
(b) Proxy
(c) Compulsory Winding up
(d) Removal of a Director

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