BCOA-001 Business, Communication & Entrepreneurship in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

BCOA-001 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code : BCOA-001
Course Title : Business Communication and Entrepreneurship
Assignment Code : BCOA-001/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

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Attempt all the questions.
(A) Short Answer Type Questions
1. Discuss the significance of written communication for nay organization. What are it’s
advantages and limitations. (20)
2. What steps should be considered while establishing a small business enterprise? (20)
3. Different between the following:
a) Facts and Opinions
b) Entrepreneur and Administrator
c) Self Employment and Wage Employment
d) Innovation and Creativity (4X5)
4. Briefly comment on the following:
a) The headlines is the attention grabber
b) An entrepreneur is his our loss
c) Swot analysis is a best way to identify a business
d) Though insurance cannot prevent the happening of an event and the loses arising
three from, yet it help in removing this uncertainly by appearing the risk over the
whole society. (4X5)
5. Write short notes on the following
a) Solicited Proposal
b) Vocational skills
c) Crossing of Cheques
d) Operating Cycle

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