AMK-01 Marketing in English Solved Assignment 2018-2019

AMK-01 Solved Assignment 2018-19

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Course Code: AMK-01
Course Title : Marketing
Assignment Code: AMK-01/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

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Attempt all the questions.
1. What do you understand by consumer behavior? Discuss the basic factors influencing
the consumer behavior. (4+16 Marks)
2. What is product life cycle? Discuss the marketing strategies adopted by marketers at
different stages in the product life cycle. (4+16 Marks)
3. “Geographic considerations are very important in pricing a product when customers are
spread through out the country”. In the context of this statements, discuss various
geographic pricing strategies practiced by marketers. (20 Marks)
4. “Channels of distribution are different for different products”. Do you agree with this
statement? Give reasons in support of your argument. (20 Marks)
5. Explain various media of advertising and compare their relative merits and limitations.

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