Ignou B.Ed 1st Year assignment 2016 – You can find & download here Assignments of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) first year for academic session January 2016 & July 2016.

University/Institution : Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou)

Mode of Study : Distance/Open

Programme : Bachelor of Education

Annual/Semester : Annual

Session : January 2016 & July 2016

Contact Address : Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan, Garhi, New Delhi – 110068

Official Website : www.ignou.ac.in


Answer the following questions in about 500 words each:

i) Explain Mager’s approach to develop objectives for teaching and learning with suitable examples. (500 words)

ii)Elaborate the ways in which you will use probing skills while teaching in the class. (500 words)

iii) Suppose you have a very disruptive students in your class, explain the various techniques which you will use to manage the classroom. (500 words)


Answer the following questions:

i) Explain the characteristics of humanistic approach to learning and discuss the importance of ‘self’ in the humanistic approach. (250 Words)

ii) Discuss the influence of environment on individual differences. (250 words)

iii)Identify the following categories of special needs students in your school and illustrate the strategies you adopt to meet their social, psychological and educational needs:

a)student with learning disability
b)economically and socially weaker girl student
c) SC/ST student (1000 words)


Answer the following questions:

i) Briefly explain the purpose of evaluation? (250 words)

ii) Explain briefs the need, importance, advantages and disadvantages of Rating scale.(250 words)

iii) What is CCE? As a teacher you must have carried out CCE in your school. Explain the problem faced by you for CCE and suggest measure to improve it. (1000 words)


Answer the following questions:

i) Discuss the nature science as a process and products. (250 words)

ii) Explain the concept, advantages and limitation of ‘Project method” for teaching science. (250 words)

iii) As a science teacher, you must have realised the importance of science laboratory. Draw a lay out of your school science laboratory and suggest improvement. (1000 words)


Answer the following questions:

i) Explain briefly the aims and objectives of teaching at secondary level. (250 words)

ii) Distinguish Inductive and Deductive method of teaching Mathematics. (250 words)

iii)You as a mathematics teacher experienced that teaching aids are important for effective teaching. Mention any two of these aids used by you & illustrate how did you evaluated their effectiveness for teaching learning. (1000 words)


Answer the following question:

i)Describe various approaches to organise social studies curriculum. Which of the approaches you will follow to organise social studies curriculum at secondary level and why? (500 Words)

ii)Prepare a question paper in Social Studies for the class IX of your school. Describe the steps you have followed in preparing the question paper. (500 Words)

iii) Organize a project work on a relevant topic from Social Studies curriculum of class X of your school. Prepare a report on how you planned, and organized the project work. Amention how you evaluated student’s performance in project work. (500 Words)

ES-344 : Teaching of English

Answer the following questions in about 500 words each:

i) What are the major differences between teaching a mother tongue and English Language Teaching? Discuss an appropriate method for teaching English at secondary level. (500 words)

ii) Discuss any two kinds of tests that can be used in formative assessment for assessing writing skills. (500 words)

iii)What is a resource file? Select a few materials for making a resource file on speaking Activities. Discuss how you plan to use the resources you have selected for develop speaking skills of your learners. (500 words)

Click here to Download B.Ed Assignment : English | Hindi


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