Term-End Examination

BCS-062 : E-Commerce

Time : 2 hours
Maximum Marks : 50
Note : (i) Question no. 1 is compulsory and carries 20 marks.
(ii) Attempt any three questions from the rest.

1. (a) Define the term E-Commerce. Explain its work flow. 10

(b) Define the term M-Commerce. What are the key drivers for M-Commerce ? Also, explain its attributes. 10
2. (a) Explain any five strategies to increase visibility to your e-commerce website. 5
(b) How did your shopping experience change with the advent of e-commerce ? Explain with an example. 5
3. (a) Explain the security concerns in e-commerce. 5
(b) Define the term “EDI”. Explain its architecture with the help of a diagram. 5
4. (a) Explain the procedure for Online Auction. What are advantages and disadvantages of Online auctions ? 5
(b) Explain any two models of e-commerce. 5
5. (a) What is a Cyber Crime ? What are different categories of Cyber Crimes ? 5
(b) Explain the benefits of e-commerce to organizations, customers and society at large. 5


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